Invercargill Community Support / Grants and Donations
Invercargill Licensing Trust Board

The ILT is governed by an elected body. Current board members are:

Invercargill Commercial Operations

The Invercargill Licensing Trust operates 25 businesses in the hospitality industry in Invercargill, including hotels, motels, restaurants, bars and retail liquor outlets, and also one motel in Dunedin and another motel in Christchurch.


The Trust’s mandate is to provide quality accommodation, food, beverage and entertainment facilities for the residents of, and visitors to, Invercargill.


Through our success and profitability, we ensure ongoing benefits for the people of Invercargill by returning a share of our profits to our community.


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A further objective of our Trust is to contribute to our community in a number of important ways. These include:



Donations and Sponsorship



The Invercargill Licensing Trust and the ILT Foundation provide donations and sponsorships of approximately $10 million annually to nearly 500 organisations.


Sport and Recreation - Our Trust supports nearly every sport played in Southland, provides funds for Professional coaching and development programmes in many sporting codes and was the driving force behind the Stadium Southland and ILT Velodrome developments.



Promotion of the Southern Region


The Trust actively promotes Invercargill and the southern region of New Zealand as a tourist and conference destination, with significant flow-on benefits for the community.


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The Invercargill Licensing Trust and the ILT Foundation are major funders of community projects in Invercargill. We provide donations and grants totalling around $10 million a year to over 500 organisations.

These range from “big ticket” developments such as Stadium Southland and the ILT Velodrome, to helping grass-roots projects such as supplying interactive electronic whiteboards for local schools or a new Learner’s swimming pool at Splash Palace.

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